Life is How You Play and Win

The Player Blog

The Games

Life is a game…The only opponent is ourselves..It’s true. We can win. We have a future and our aim is to win the future and make it the way we like it.

Life is not a zero sum game. We can do and build. Usually, when we build and create (productivity), we assessed both in this sense, we will win. Living in a world with many other things that have been building and creating profit for us, although we do not own share of compensation paid to producers, so that way we win.

The only other time May get lost in a just society (where people are directly rewarded for their efforts, and people can not be expected without the work of people who deserve it) if your efforts result in the destruction of way or other for things that do not belong to you and you do not compensate the owner.

When a person surpasses his last performance, it helps him to trust himself to do even better. This way one builds up confident and and moves ahead in life.

And… when this happens,you are winner..A winner for self and life.


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