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Focusing work as a professional facilitator since 1990. Starting with facilitation for environmental awareness education for children and youth, then develop facilitation expertise to developing organizational and human capacities through the use of participatory and adult learning approach.

Develop expertise on facilitating participatory community planning, community based information system, and strategic planning through Puter Foundation in Bogor – West Java, Institute For Public Private Partnership in Washington DC, and The World Fish Center in The Philippines.

Developed expertise on facilitating community leadership through Leadership Plenty Workshop Indonesian Version as a part of his involvement in Cornerstone Program from Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise based in Washington DC. Member of Green Indonesia Club – Bogor, Mapak Alam Pasundan University – Bandung, Telapak Society – Bogor and also Founding Member of CBE (Center For The Betterment Of Education) – Jakarta.

Served as a consultant and facilitated various themes of consultancy, including cornerstone leadership training, building community leadership to take civic action, leadership, problem mapping, participatory monitoring & evaluation, mind mapping, strategic planning, community-based planning, community-based information system, integrated coastal zone management, proposal writing for natural resources management, advocating and socialization strategy, conflict management and environmental education.


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