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Pingus – Linux Game

Posted by dbmochran on March 26, 2010

Pingus is Lemmings type game, where your goal is to get your fellow penguins from point A to point B safely, making sure not too many of them fall of the cliffs or drown in the water. You accomplish this by providing them with various tools. But you have absolutely no direct control of them. For example, you can give a penguin the Dig tool, using which he jackhammers straight down as far as he can.


The gameplay is awesome, with original tools, graphics, and terrains. The game starts with an open terrain. You can pause the game and carefully observe the field. Often, if you plan beforehand, you can finish the mission with ease. The second you start the game, a penguin pops out and starts walking forward. It hits a wall, turns direction, and starts walking again. After walking a few steps and passing the box from which the penguins are popping out, he falls off a cliff and dies a pointless death. This tragedy instantly makes you realize what you need to do—giving the next penguin a bridging set. You then watch that penguin laying down bricks across the gap between the glaciers. Using simple tools like this, you and your penguins move toward the destination. You need to learn to give out the most effective tools.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics of this game are sharp. The fact that they are 2D is just fine because Lemmings games wouldn’t work if they were 3D. The graphics are also pretty cute. The audio on the other hand, is a bit disappointing. The sound effects are basic. The music is not satisfactory. You can download the music separately but that usually is too much of a hassle.

Special Feature

Though Pingus is a clone of Lemmings, it still makes a great game. How many games have you played where you had absolutely no control over your units? In Pingus, you give them tools as they move, save them from deaths, and help them get to Point B. Pingus is an active game. So look forward to updates!

Bottom Line

This is a very fun, cute game, with many original details. I highly recommend this to all types of gamers. Just passively watching the cute penguins is fun and relaxing, though if you do not actively involve the penguins will die one after another. Helping the penguins is satisfying.

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CrossOver Games

Posted by dbmochran on March 26, 2010

Play Windows Games on Linux Computers

By Juergen Haas.

CrossOver Games is a software package for running computer games that were developed for Microsoft Windows operating systems on Linux. It is a product developed by CodeWeavers and is based on the open source software WINE, which makes it possible to run native MS Windows applications on Linux.

The project started out as “CrossOver Office” which simplified the process of installing MS Office on Linux machines using WINE. As the project matured, many other native MS Windows applications were supported and “Office” was dropped from the product name. Then a version of CrossOver was developed that specialized in MS Windows games.

Unlike the open source software WINE, CrossOver products are not free. The relatively modest price tag buys you simplified installation of supported applications. For example, when installing Steam, CrossOver Games automatically downloads the Windows installation file and any required supporting files. Also note that regular licensing still applies to the games you install.

CrossOver Games supports many popular Windows games. This includes:

  • World of Warcraft

  • EVE Online

  • Guild Wars

  • Prey

  • Stream Games (Half-Life2, Counterstrike, Civilization IV, Call of Duty 2, etc.)

All the supported games generally install quickly and easily, but CrossOver Games also gives you the option to install unsupported applications and games, which requires some manual intervention.

You may think that running Windows programs on Linux would be slower than running them in their native operating system. This, however, is not the case in general when using the well designed compatibility layer WINE. Most Windows games actually perform better on Linux, and CrossOver Games makes sure WINE is optimally set up to provide maximum performance for any of its supported games.


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